101 About Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise induced asthma. Like it sounds, exercise induced asthma is kind of asthma that triggered by hard or continue exercise. It is narrowing the airways in the lung during or after vigorous exercise. It causes short breath, coughing, wheezing and other asthma symptoms. Exercise induced asthma indeed is narrowing the airways but is not the main cause of asthma. People with asthma, physical exercise are one of the factors that can trigger asthma symptoms. Some of us may wonder why exercise induces asthma.

Well, usually during exercise, people like to breathe through the mouth, therefore the air which is coming to the lung is drier and colder. While in normal breathing through the nose, the air is first warmed and moistened by the nasal passages. The sudden change of air humidity and temperature result in exercise induced asthma which is narrowing of the airways.

The Exercise induced asthma Symptoms

The symptoms emerge when the airways getting narrow during physical exercise. For further understanding about exercise induced asthma symptoms, there are several points of the symptoms.

  • Short breath – similar to other asthma, exercise induced asthma also result in short breath due to the narrowing airways.
  • Wheezing – if you have exercise induced asthma, you will also wheezing in between your breath.
  • Heavy chest – as the result of narrowing airways, you will feel something is sitting on your chest. It is very heavy and tight to breathe like there is no more space for oxygen.
  • Cough – short breath is also commonly followed by the cough.
  • Upset stomach – exercise induced asthma is usually followed by upset stomach like nausea and wanted to vomit.
  • Sore throat – since during exercise people tend to breathe through the mouth and inhale colder and drier air; it makes a burning feeling on the throat which then leads to a sore throat.
  • Fatigue – most people with exercise induced asthma feel fatigue during physical exercise and prolonged recovery time.

These symptoms usually appear after several minutes of physical exercise and continue for 10 to 15 minutes after workout. During exercise, everyone can experience the symptoms but people with exercise induced asthma experience more severe symptoms.

What Cause Exercise induced asthma

According to research, there are several things that cause exercise induced asthma which can result in airways inflammation and secrete more mucus. The factors that trigger exercise induced asthma are:

  • Cold and dry air – colder and drier air usually contains less oxygen. Besides, the respiratory systems are very sensitive to temperature changes.
  • Air pollution – it is no doubts that any kinds of pollution including air pollution are not good for human health. Air pollution makes reduction of oxygen amount and also temperature changes. It somehow affects the respiratory system.
  • Chlorine in swimming pools – if you like to swim, the chlorine can also cause exercise induced asthma.
  • High pollen counts – for some people, pollen can also the main cause of allergy as well as exercise induced asthma.
  • Extended physical activity – this includes exercise which needs a long period of deep breathing such as a marathon or long distance running, swimming, football, and many others.

Exercise induced asthma Diagnose

Usually, the physical examination is unremarkable on the clinical setting because the higher result can be seen right after the exercise. The physical examination commonly includes the following points:

  • Skin – notice any sign of atopic disease.
  • Head, ears, eyes, nose, and throat – notice if there is any acute infection or allergic symptoms.
  • Pharynx – notice if there are any mucus and cobbles.
  • Nose, sinuses, lungs and heart – notice for any abnormalities function.

For people with exercise induced asthma, it is usually diagnosed through the laboratory examination. A series of clinical examination can be done to diagnose exercise induced asthma such as laboratory studies, challenge testing which is used for formalizing the previous diagnose, imaging studies, and finally procedure if needed.

People with exercise induced asthma do not need to restrict their physical activity; they only need to choose the suitable exercise for them. Activities which require a long period of breathing such as football, marathon, basketball, hockey, and many other may be less tolerated.

Swimming which is usually performed in warm and moist environment still can be tolerated. However, there should be no restriction for people with exercise-induces asthma, they just need to have more preparation before exercise than the average people.

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