Asthma medications for Treating People with Asthma

Asthma medications. As a disease with a quick and life-threatening attack, people with asthma should have a proper medication and treatment. Every person indeed has a different reaction of asthma and type of asthma attacks. Therefore, it is important to fully understand of asthma medications in order to give the right treatment.

As we know that the cause of asthma is vary from one to another. Several factors can be the cause of asthma such as innate health history, air pollutant environment, allergies, weather changes and many more. The reaction of each person asthma attack can also vary from one to another; it can be mild, moderate, or severe attacks. Each type of asthma attacks should be treated carefully. Since the cause and the reactions are different between one and each other, therefore, the asthma medications are also different.

Asthma medications hold the very important role for managing the symptoms and reactions such as wheezing, coughing, and short breath. However, there are things that determine asthma medications such as symptoms, age, and asthma severity and medication side effect. There are stages of asthma medications in general.

  1. Prevention. 

This is called controller medications as it prevents the asthma attacks. Controller medications the airways are less inflamed and reduce the risk of triggers.

  1. Quick-relief medications

This asthma medication is also known as rescue medications; this medicine will help relaxing the muscle around the airways and reduce the inflammation. This quick asthma medication often used by people with exercise-asthma induced before a workout; this medication is called beta-agonist. If you have quick asthma medications for more than twice a week; it means that your asthma is not well controlled. There are several types of quick-relief medications such as short-acting beta-agonists, Anticholinergics, and Systemic corticosteroids which are an anti-inflammatory drug that can control asthma symptoms quickly.

  1. Long-term medication

People with asthma, especially the severe one need to take daily basis medicine. This is a long-term asthma medication in which you take medicines even though when do not have symptoms. There are several types of long-term asthma medications, but the commonly used one is inhaled corticosteroids. This is the kind of anti-inflammatory drugs and considered as the most effective to control asthma. It can reduce the respiratory swelling and inflammation in airways. For adults, it needs several days for the medicine to reach the maximum benefit. Regular use of corticosteroids can control asthma and keep the attacks down. This asthma medication does not really have side effects; usually it causes mouth and throat irritation and oral yeast infection. For children, long-term medications can delay their growth.

  1. Asthma medications that caused by allergy

Allergy is also listed as one of the factors that trigger asthma symptoms; it can be food, dust, pet fur, or weather allergy. There are some medication options for asthma trigger from allergy.

Allergy shots – this type of medication is used when the asthma allergy cannot be controlled by avoiding the allergen source. The treatment begins with series of a small dose of the allergen injection. Then it continues with series of other injections every once a week or once a month for some years.

Omalizumab – this method is usually used to treat innate allergens by blocking the actions of antibodies; it reduce the immune system reaction that cause the asthma symptom. This medication is not recommended for children under 12 years old and anyone who takes omalizumab should stay under the professional monitor in case of severe reactions.

Allergy medications – this asthma medication includes antihistamines and decongestants oral and nasal spray. It can also corticosteroid and cromolyn nasal sprays. This sprays medication helps reduce airways inflammation without causing serious side effects. These asthma medications are available in drugstore counter and in prescription form.

With the right asthma medications and treatment, asthma symptoms can be reduced. It can make people with asthma can live normally without being afraid of asthma symptoms that can be life-threatening. Besides medications, it also important to keep the environment clean and healthy; if it is possible get rid of any allergen sources such as dust mites, pet fur, pollen and many more. Healthy living and clean environment can somehow help reduce the risk of asthma triggers.

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