Several Points to Remember in Relation of What causes asthma

What causes asthma. Asthma is considered as dangerous and incurable disease which in the severe episode can be live threatening because it infects the respiratory system. In most cases, people get asthma if they have parents or grandparents with asthma or related to health family history. However, it is possible for other people who do not have asthma background to get an episode. There are several factors of what causes asthma.

Since every person has different asthma symptoms; some of us may wonder what causes asthma. In general, no one exactly knows what causes asthma. However, to get a better understand of what causes asthma; there are several points which are suspected as the cause of asthma.

  1. Allergy

Eighty percent people with asthma usually have allergies such as dust mites, pet fur, pollen, molds, and even cockroach droppings or a certain food. In general, allergen substance can lead to the emergence of asthma symptom and even lead to an asthma attack. Each person has a different allergy; it usually relates to family health history or genetic issue. If your parents or grandparents have dust allergy then you are likely to have the same allergy and it goes the same with your infant. However, you can visit a doctor to have allergy tests to make sure that you have a certain allergy or not. As allergy is one of the factors that cause asthma, it is better to avoid direct contact with allergen sources.

  1. Pollutant

Most people understand that pollutant is one of the factors of what causes asthma. The air pollutant such as cigarette smoke, wood fire, chemical fumes from factories, sprays, paint, gasoline and many more are indeed can cause respiratory problems, especially asthma. Actually, people are not allergic to these substances; however, the substances cause respiratory inflammation in which lead to asthma. People nowadays are more aware of the cigarette danger that it becomes the main cause of cancer, respiratory problems, and heart disease. Smoking gives a higher risk of asthma toward children and triggers asthma symptoms for everyone from all ages. For people with asthma, it is better not to smoke and avoid smoke from other people’s cigarette because passive smokers are also given high risk to trigger asthma symptoms as well as another disease.

  1. Food allergies

Besides allergic to dust or pet fur, food can also become one of the factors of what cause asthma. Some people may have different reactions toward certain food; it can be mild up to severe allergic reactions as a part of food-induced anaphylaxis. Some of the food that are believed to cause allergies are eggs, dairy products, soy, peanuts, fish, shrimp, wheat, and other seafood. Food preservatives such as potassium bisulfite, sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, and other sulfite additives which are usually found in processed food can also trigger asthma symptoms.

  1. Exercise

Extreme exercise that makes you hard to breathe is one of the factors of what causes asthma. It is commonly known as exercise-induce asthma in which can trigger asthma symptoms. The symptoms of this kind of asthma will appear after several minutes of exercise and will disappear within few hours rest. With proper treatment, people and children with exercise-induced asthma do not need to limit their physical activities.

  1. Respiratory problems and sinusitis

People with innate respiratory problems are likely to have more risk of asthma. Similar to other respiratory disease, sinusitis is included as one of the factors of what causes asthma. It causes inflammation on the mucous membrane that lead to sinuses; this makes the mucous membrane secrete more mucus. The sinuses inflammation makes the airways have the same respond as asthma symptoms which then lead to sinusitis with asthma.

  1. Certain medications

People who are likely too sensitive towards certain medicine are prone to get asthma episode. Take for example people who are sensitive to aspirin.

  1. Weather

Some people sometimes are very sensitive to sudden weather changes such as cold and dry air.

There are lots of factors of what causes asthma; each person can get one or two factors that can make them get an episode. If you have one or two cases above such as certain allergy or living in an air pollutant environment, then you should be more careful to prevent from asthma episode.

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