Steps for the Right Asthma Treatments

Asthma treatments. Asthma is a long term and incurable disease which attack the respiratory system. It is usually an innate disease which means that people who have asthma background within the family is prone to get asthma. Even though, it is innate disease, it does not mean that other people cannot get asthma.

Pollutant, unhealthy environment, and certain pets can also cause asthma. People with asthma should get the right asthma treatments because this disease is very quick in attack and can be life threatening in severe stage. There are few steps to help control asthma and as well as asthma treatments.

  1. The peak flow meter

This is a small and simple handy tool that provides measurements of how the air moves out to the lungs. The peak flow meter can help control asthma. After blowing the device, the peak flow meter will show the peak flow number. If the test is performed after taking asthma medicines, it can be tested the effectiveness of the medications.

  1. Asthma inhaler

This is the most common and effective ways to deliver medicine directly into the lungs. Since the medicine is delivered straightly to the lungs, only a little amount that spread to the other body part. This asthma treatments tool comes in different size and different usage techniques. Some inhalers shape pressurized canister which look like a spray or air freshener. While breathing, you press the inhaler and the medicine can pass to the lungs. Some other inhalers are not in pressurized canisters, but the medication in dry powder. Therefore, it should be forcefully and quickly inhale to reach the lungs. It is usually in the form of a capsule.

  1. Spacers

Spacers are a hollow plastic with a mouthpiece in the end and an inhaler hole in the other end. This device makes canister inhalers work better. When using the spacer, the vapor from inhaler fills up the container, and then slowly inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece until the lungs are full. While doing this, you should hold your breath to give time for the vapor to settle in the lungs. This asthma treatment is more effective because much more asthma medication reaches the lungs and only small amounts that are swallowed to prevent medication side effects. This device is also good for reducing the side effect of asthma medication such as mouth and throat thrush. Spacers can also suitable for children who usually have difficulty to use an inhaler. As it is more effective to distribute the medication into the lung, it is used regularly in many cases.

  1. Asthma nebulizer

This is one of the asthma treatments devices which is usually used by baby or children. This device changes the typical liquid medication into a mist; therefore it takes only minutes to inhale the medicine.

  1. Medication asthma treatments

In some cases, besides taking inhalers, people also take asthma medicine. It can be long-term medication or quick relief medication. The long-term medication is taking medicine in a daily basis in order to prevent asthma attack and airways inflammation. There are several kinds of long-term asthma medicine in which should be prescribed by a professional. One of the most common long-term asthma medications is inhaled corticosteroid. However, most of the long-term asthma medication do have a side effect for a long time period usage. The quick-relief medicines can relieve asthma symptoms when asthma occurs. This medicine should not be used for more than twice a week. If asthma continues, it is better to take long-term medication since the quick relieve medicine cannot reduce airways inflammation.

  1. Emergency care

If the medicine does not work or relieve the asthma symptoms, it is important to call for emergency care. Asthma treatments at the hospital include direct oxygen and a higher dose of medicine and other procedure.

Asthma treatments can vary according to age and body condition. In children case, for example, a quick-relief medicine can help relieving wheezing, for children after 6 years old can get long-term medication. For elderly people, the use of spacers can help to inhale the medication since old people difficult to hold their breath for ten seconds.

However, some medication can cause inside effect such as osteoporosis. While pregnant women have to receive proper asthma control to ensures the oxygen supply for the infant. With proper asthma treatments, the symptoms can be minimalized.

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