Watch Out: Asthma symptoms Can Lead to Breathing Failure

Asthma symptoms. Have you ever felt hard to breathe or your chest feel heavy to breathe? If yes, you should be aware of asthma. This is a disease which affects the airways that become the passage of air to in and out from lung.

Asthma happens because there are inflammations or swollen inside walls of the airways. The inflammation makes airways become narrow; therefore less air passes through from both in and out the lungs. If this continues, it makes difficult to breathe and a heavy feeling when breathing. Before knowing more about the asthma symptoms, it is better to understand the exact meaning of asthma.

Asthma is considered dangerous and incurable disease because the asthma attack comes on a sudden. The sudden attack can happen in different condition; it can be mild, moderate and severe condition. In several asthma cases, the airways block and make the air fail to pass through the lungs.

Failing the oxygen to pass through the lungs prevents the oxygen enter the blood stream and deliver to vital organs. In other cases of asthma attacks, it does allow the lungs to get enough air but unable to exhale carbon dioxide and become poisonous to the body. Every person who has asthma attack has different asthma symptoms.

Generally, asthma usually is in relation with family history. It means that if your parents, grandparents or other relatives have asthma or allergy, then you are prone to have asthma symptoms too. Even without family health history, ones can also catch asthma but it is a rare case. Usually, asthma without family health history is because of environmental issues such as pollution and weather problem.

Many people are not aware of asthma symptoms, especially if the attack is not in severe stage. However, since asthma is considered as a dangerous disease, it is better to know asthma symptoms in order to get proper treatment.

  1. Coughing – the most common asthma symptoms is coughing especially at night, early morning and during exercise.
  2. Wheezing – wheezing is whistling sound when breathing. Usually, in between coughing, people with asthma breath also produce squeaky or whistling sound.
  3. Heavy feeling in chest – this is asthma symptoms happens everything you exhale and inhale. It feels like something is sitting in your chest.
  4. Short breath – it is a common asthma symptom when most people with asthma cannot catch their breath. It is more likely to be out of breath and cannot get enough air for the lungs.
  5. Feeling exhausted and weak during exercise; some people cannot even exercising.
  6. Allergy alert – the is a quite common asthma symptoms which mark with a runny nose or allergies such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, throat congestion, and headache.
  7. People with asthma symptoms usually easy to exhausted, unstable emotion, and easy to grumble.

However, not every person have the same asthma symptoms; it is varied due to the cause of asthma and the body condition. Besides the common asthma symptoms, people with asthma background should also aware of the severe asthma symptoms. There are several severe asthma symptoms:

  1. Face, lips and nails color change become bluish or greyish.
  2. Extreme breathes difficulty; it feels like chest and necks are being “sucked up” every time exhaling and inhaling.
  3. Difficulty to walk or speak.
  4. Extreme anxiousness due to breathing difficulty.
  5. Fever with high body temperature.
  6. Chest pain
  7. High pulse due to short breathing.

It is important to know that not all people have the same asthma symptoms and having these symptoms does not mean that you have asthma. Therefore, before coming into the conclusion that someone has asthma, it is better to know the main cause of asthma itself. In general there are two factors that trigger asthma symptoms: the first, inflammation on a respiratory system which leads to breathing difficulty.

This condition can get worse if the respiratory system is swollen and produce mucus. The second cause of asthma symptom is the increasing of respiratory system sensitivity due to smoke, coughing, runny nose, mosquito repellent and many more. 

Another common cause of asthma symptoms is allergies such as dust, pet fur, pollen and dust mites, air pollutant such as smoke and chemical fumes, and weather conditions such as cold. People who have asthma history or those who does not have history should be aware of the symptoms to be able to treat a sudden asthma attack.

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